If you suffered from an accident and was left with a scar, or if you have thin eyebrows and want to make them look fuller and thicker than this is the procedure for you. This is a very artistic procedure that we perform at CHR and we enjoy helping our patients giving them the most natural design.

You may be experiencing hair loss in other areas of your body such as your eyebrows. If you are over-plucking your eyebrows we suggest that you stop immediately due to the fact that it permanently damages the hair follicle and as a result the hair stops growing, this is one of the main causes in eyebrow hair loss. Another cause may be that of trauma. A childhood accident, car crash, sport hit or any other type of injury to the eyebrows can affect the growth of hair follicles in that area. Genetics are also a reason for brow hair loss and many patients may naturally have thinner eyebrows running in their family. Although there may be many causes for eyebrow hair loss there are also many solutions and hair transplant is the most effective and natural process there exist to this day. Dr. Panama and hair transplant specialist Fernando Navarro have years of practice in all types of hair loss and will make sure to always give you the best option.

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