Every person is unique in their own way, the way our facial hair grows is no different either. However, it is a case of worry when for some people moustaches and beards don’t grow or are spotty. For many men there is nothing like having a full beard or moustache to be proud of.

But unlike some time back, when there wasn’t much that could be done, now however cosmetic surgery is providing the much needed solution to most men in the form of facial hair transplant/moustache and beard transplant.

While some men have never been able to grow a thick beard, others may suffer from thinning of beard due to genetics, laser hair removal, electrolysis, traumatic injuries, facial surgeries, skin cancer removal procedures or some other uncontrollable circumstances. Despite your past, the good news is that you can get attractive facial hair now.

Who is a suitable candidate?

  • The beard transplant procedure is perfect for those who have patchy beards
  • Men who have sparse beard hair, irregular patterned hair.
  • It is great for anyone who has any facial scarring and has found that the hair will not grow.
  • Also, men with a total lack of facial hair
  • A facial hair transplant can shape and thicken any goatee, moustache, sideburn, and full beard.
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